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3rd Grade Curriculum

  Throughout the course of the program, students will be exposed to a variety of skills and materials connected to language arts and mathematics. The goal of the summer session is to facilitate their transition into third grade and prepare them for vital topics that they will encounter in the year to come. Students will build onto prior knowledge by using what they have already learned to acquire higher-level techniques for interpreting literature, improving writing skills, and solving problems.

The course will commence by allowing the students to become acquainted with one another, and for the teacher to get to know them both socially and academically. Students will be formally and informally assessed in order to develop a curriculum to suit their individual needs. On an ongoing basis throughout the summer, they will acquire knowledge and skills by being challenged or given extra guidance as needed to address particular skill levels. Homework assignments will be given routinely to reinforce concepts and processes as an extension of classroom activities. In addition, periodic quizzes and other forms of assessment will measure progress. The areas to be covered are outlined as follows:

Language Arts:

Students will work towards achieving high success in reading and writing, while improving their speaking and listening skills. Literature will be selected from a composite of fictional and non-fictional genres including short stories, trade books, and articles from educational websites. In individual and group settings, they will enhance their reading skills through a variety of strategies such as summarizing, clarifying, predicting, and inferring, while strengthening vocabulary and ability to decode text. Skills such as these will help to provide a prosperous year in the third grade.

Writing skills will complement the reading curriculum, allowing for creative and explanatory samples. Students will be guided through the steps of the writing process, allowing them to create pieces from a first draft to “publishing” their works. After ongoing practice, they will be encouraged to become more independent in their writing by making structural revisions and grammatical modifications to their work. Opportunities will be given for students to present their work to the class in order to reinforce speaking and listening skills.


In the third grade, a strong emphasis is placed on problem solving. Students will be exposed daily to an assortment of problems and concrete techniques to prepare them for interpreting and solving word problems and math computations relating to everyday life.

Building onto their strong sense of whole numbers, students will develop skills involved in understanding place value and estimation. They will begin to recognize the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction, as well as for multiplication and division. Children will be challenged through a variety of hands-on techniques, while learning how to express mathematical ideas through written and oral communication.