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4th Grade Curriculum

  Students will be engaged in reading, mathematics, vocabulary, and other age-appropriate activities. In addition, homework will be assigned daily that reflects the work we did that day.


Response to literature, making predictions, looking ahead, inferring meaning, reread confusing material, recall main idea. Response to literature, making connections, questioning, visualizing, summarizing, synthesizing, reflecting. Response to literature, determining important ideas, self-monitoring comprehension, drawing conclusions. Response to literature, summarizing, paraphrasing, find evidence to support thinking. Response to literature. Formulating ideas, building on the ideas of others, text-self, text-world connections. Students will compare and contrast various texts. They will create their own questions based on what they’ve read, use vocabulary in different contexts, review all strategies learned across all genres. They will be challenged to read a harder, unfamiliar text and analyze it for meaning.

MATH Topics

Introduction to measurement, probability statistics, geometry, logical research, patterns, functions, algebra, numeration. arithmetic- multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percents. geometry, number problems, logical reasoning. graphing. Review of all material learned in the form of projects, and drill games.


Students will learn new vocabulary based on class assigned texts every day.


Tests will be given periodically on reading, math, and vocabulary.