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5th Grade Curriculum

  On a daily basis students will be engaged in language arts, social studies, and mathematics lessons, activities and independent assignments. In addition, homework will be assigned daily that reflects the work we did that day. Weekly quizzes will be given to assess the students’ mastery of new vocabulary words, mathematics skills, and reading comprehension.

Language Arts:

Using a variety of resources, students will be exposed to reading comprehension strategies, vocabulary development, writing skills, and test preparation.

Students will be guided through several novels and short stories. Through these books, students will learn about character analysis, plot development and the behaviors of good readers. An emphasis will be placed on finding and noting evidence from the texts to support one’s answers and opinions. Reading Response Journals will be utilized and collected for teacher feedback weekly. Students will be asked to reflect in writing about the books we read in class. The purpose of this activity is to push the children to read more deeply and actively question as they read.

In addition, various resources will be used to further the students’ comprehension of all genres, including non-fiction. Students will be reading several short expository stories and learning a comprehension strategy known as SQ3R, which will assist them in keeping track of the facts, and taking notes. An emphasis will be placed on higher-level thinking skills and note taking. Once again, these areas are extremely important to a successful experience in fifth grade.

Vocabulary lessons will be provided to help build the students’ understanding of words in context and to broaden their vocabulary base. Students will be provided with materials to learn many new and challenging words. Weekly quizzes will be given to encourage the students to learn and use these new words fluently.


Problem solving is an area that the fifth grade curriculum focuses on. Students will be exposed to many problem solving strategies and investigations. There will be daily “Problems of the Day” to solve in class and at home. The emphasis will be on the process. Students will learn how to explain the steps they took to solve a problem. This is also an area assessed on the New York State fifth grade Math test.

Students will get a complete overview of the fifth grade Mathematics curriculum utilizing a fifth grade textbook and workbook. An emphasis will be placed on fractions, decimals and angle measurement. Daily homework and weekly quizzes will be administered to keep track of the students’ progress.

Social Studies:

Students in the fifth grade will all complete the NY State fifth grade social studies test in November. Students will be reviewing pertinent concepts related to this test and learning how to construct responses after reading several documents. Students will gain a better understanding of how our government works and how our nation was developed. Reading textbooks, primary sources, non-fiction texts, note taking, key-concept vocabulary and document-based questions will all be addressed.