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4-5th Grade Writing Curriculum

  This writing course will have following outline divided into 7 or more units/weeks.

Unit 1
  • Grammar: Parts of speech: Identifying nouns, pronouns, verbs.
  • Writing Workshop: Introducing the Writer’s Notebook, sample notebooks, decorating personal Writer's Notebooks.
  • Writing Assignments: 1. Introducing yourself in your notebook 2. Writing inspired by personal photographs and artifacts 3. Students will keep a running spelling log of commonly misspelled words and individual spelling needs.
Unit 2
  • Grammar: Adjectives (demonstrative, predicate, comparative adjectives), adverbs (comparative, adverbial phrases, irregular).
  • Writing Workshop: Memoir writing, collecting notebook entries using models of writing by several authors, such as Ralph Fletcher, Gary Soto, Sandra Cisneros.
Unit 3
  • Grammar: Punctuation rules, contractions, double negatives, troublesome words.
  • Writing Workshop: Memoir writing continues, collecting notebook entries using media: 1. Song lyrics, radio talk; 2. Print ads; 3. Other print.
Unit 4
  • Grammar: Prepositional Phrases.
  • Writing Workshop: Choosing a memoir “seed” (a project for publication) from the Writer's Notebook. One notebook entry will be taken through the entire publishing process: 1. Revisiting all entries; 2. Project selection; 3. Drafting—Adding details to a draft; a) writing dialogue, b) stretching a sentence, c) adding inside / outside details (emotional and observational), d) adding simile or metaphor.
Unit 5
  • Grammar: Interjections, sentence structure (subject, predicate, dependent / independent clauses).
  • Writing Workshop: Publishing process - 1. Creating “Wow” endings and meaningful titles; 2. Peer editing spelling and mechanics using grammar lessons and spelling lists; 3. Writing short bios; 4. Final copies; 5. Formal reading and presentation of finished memoir projects.
Unit 6
  • Grammar: Rules of agreement, subject - verb agreement, contractions, compound subjects, indefinite pronouns.
  • Writing Workshop: Focus on writing poetry - 1. Converting a memoir into a poem; 2. Writing poetry using several models
Unit 7
  • Grammar: Review and exam.
  • Writing Workshop: Free writing and sharing.