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6th Grade Writing Curriculum

“Writing begins not with a line, or a word, or even an idea, but rather with a personal stance and a belief. One, what you have to say is important, and two, your words can find a way to say it well.”
     Gregory A. Denman

This writing course, designed for students entering the sixth grade, will focus on various genres of writing including narrative, descriptive, persuasive essays, etc. It will concentrate on all steps of the writing process from prewriting to publishing and include rubrics for assessment. Students will engage in both peer and self-editing, creating an awareness of what works and does not work in writing. In addition, classroom activities will provide the students with opportunities to read literature upon which they can model their writing. Daily writing assignments will help students develop skills in all six traits of writing: ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentences, conventions. A study of the fundamentals of English grammar and vocabulary will further help students achieve their goal of excellence in writing.