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7th Grade Math Curriculum

  1. Algebraic Expressions and Equations
    • Equations with Variables on Both Sides. Absolute Value Equations.
    • Algebraic Expressions and Order of Operations.
    • Integers and Absolute Value. Adding and Subtracting Integers. Multiplying and Dividing Integers
  2. Equations and Inequalities
    • Simplifying Algebraic Expressions. Solving Multi-Step Equations.
    • Solving Inequalities by Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing.
    • Solving Two-Step Inequalities. Word Problem Applications.
  3. Real Numbers, Exponent, and Powers
    • Equivalent Forms of Rational Numbers. Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers.
    • Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Rational Numbers.
    • Exploring Square Roots and Irrational Numbers. Exponents.
    • Scientific Notation. Rules of Exponents.
  4. Graphing in the Coordinate Plane
    • Graphing Points.
    • Graphing Equations with Two Variables.
    • Understanding Slope.
    • Write Equations and Make Graph.
  5. Applications of Proportions
    • Ratios and Rates. Choosing and Converting Units.
    • Solving Proportions. Similar Figures and Proportions.
    • Similarity and Indirect Measurement.
    • Scale Models and Maps.
  6. Applications of Percent
    • Fractions, Decimals, Percents. Percents and Proportions.
    • Percents and Equations. Percents of Change.
    • Problem Solving: Write an Equation.
    • Simple and Compound Interest.
  7. Geometry and Measurements
    • Pairs and Angles. Angles and Parallel Lines.
    • Classifying Triangles and Quadralaterals.
    • Perimeter and Area of Polygons and Circles.