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8th Grade Math (Integrated Math) Curriculum

  8th-Grade Math (Integrated Math) will cover following topics:
  1. Sets, Operations, integers, evaluating algebraic expressions, solving equations, placement test. Solving equations with fractions or decimals, solving inequalities. 4-step method to solving word problems
  2. Linear equations and inequalities, direct variation, proportions, slope formula, distance formula. Graphing linear equations, inequalities using slope-intercept, parabolas, circles. Solving systems of equations graphically.
  3. Solving systems of equations using the addition and substitution methods. Add, subtract, multiply, divide radicals, monomials, and binomials. Factoring polynomials.
  4. Ratios, rates, and proportions, probability ratios and problem solving.
  5. Radicals, right triangles, similar triangles, and trigonometry.
  6. Area and volume, surface area and solid volumes.
  7. Solving quadratic equations. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational expressions. Angles, lines, transversals, locus.
  8. Systems of Linear equations and inequalities. Graphing systems of Linear Equations.
  9. Statistics, histograms, stem-and-leaf plots, frequency histograms
  10. Counting and probability of compound events.
  11. AMC word problems. Regent Exam review.