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9th Grade Math (Math B) Curriculum

  9th-Grade Math (Math B) will cover following topics:
  1. Proofs with triangles. Indirect proofs, coordinate proofs. Proofs with quadrilaterals.
  2. Writing equations of Lines, proofs. Ratios and proportions, proving similar triangles. Special right triangles, right triangle proportions. Proving products of sides equal.
  3. Circle parts and relationships. Circle parts and relationships. Circumference and area of circles, circle angle measurements.
  4. Factoring. Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide algebraic fractions, complex fractions, exponents. Composite transformations and functions. Operations with radicals.
  5. Graphing and solving quadratic equations. Solving quadratic inequalities, absolute value equations. Solving radical equations, fraction equations.
  6. Logarithms. Trigonometry functions, radian measure and arc length. Graphing trigonometric functions, and transformations. Trigonometric Identities. Law of Sines, Law of Cosines.
  7. AMC word problems. Regent Exam review.