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Chemistry Curriculum - Summer

  This course will prepare you for Regents Chemistry (HONORS). This course will cover the most important and difficult topics in this course. This syllabus is a bare minimum of what will be covered. If possible we will also cover Redox, nuclear, and organic chemistry.

  • Week 1, Matter and Energy: Types of matter and energy. Physical and chemical changes. Phase change diagrams and heat calculations
  • Week 2, Atomic Structure: History of the atom. Models. Subatomic particles. Electron configurations
  • Week 3, Periodic Table: Format and periodic trends. Properties of the elements.
  • Week 4, Bonding: Bonding types. Properties of compounds. Intermolecular forces, formula writing, Lewis structures, molecular shapes, VSEPR model, orbital hybridization.
  • Week 5, Math of Chemistry: Moles. Stoichiometry. Percent composition, empirical formulas, molecular formulas, solutions: molarity, molality.
  • Week 6, Kinetics and Equilibrium: Rates and rate laws. Le Chatelierís principle. Keq math questions, Ksp.
  • Week 7, Acids and Bases: Definitions, weak and strong acids, Ka equations, buffers.
Students should come to class prepared with their homework, calculator, pens, pencils, and the notes packet for the topic we are on. All note packets should be saved for the final exam.

A grade will be given based on the following criteria

1. Tests and quizzes.
2. Notebook check at the end of class.
3. Homework assignments.
4. Classroom attendance/participation.