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Early Middle School Writing Curriculum

  This course enables students to develop writing skills appropriate for the early middle school college-preparatory curriculum. Includes exercises designed to help students make the transition from the basic subject-verb form of elementary school writing to a more sophisticated writing style utilizing sentence variation, the effective use of transitional phrases, precise words and complex sentences. To enhance those skills, the instructor will review key grammatical subjects each week and provide relevant exercises. Students will also participate in teacher-guided peer reviews of their own writing to enhance their editing skills. They will also be introduced and quizzed upon twelve vocabulary words each week.

Throughout the couse, the teaching will include lessons on the topic sentence, paragraph writing, and the organization of an essay. Students will also be introduced to various aspects of narrative writing, among them point of view, the elements of description, dialogue, quotations, and the story line. Lessons will be supported by professional writing examples. Homework will include writing exercises as well as the mastery of vocabulary words.