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Earth Science Curriculum

  Following is a tentative curriculum. Topics will be added as necessary.

  1. Introduction to Earth’s Changing Environment
    • Observations
    • Density
    • The Changing Environment
    • Human Interaction with Environment
  2. Measuring Earth
    • Size and Shape of Earth
    • Spheres of Earth
    • Locating Positions on Earth
    • Fields
    • Mapping Earth’s Surface
  3. Earth in the Universe
    • Origin and Age of Universe
    • Structure of Universe
    • Solar System
  4. Motions of Earth, Moon, and
    • Apparent Motions of Celestial Objects
    • Models that Help Explain Apparent Celestial Motions
    • Actual Earth Motions
    • Earth and Moon Motions and Time
    • Actual Motions of Earth’s Moon
  5. Energy in Earth Processes
    • Electromagnetic Energy
    • Transfer of Energy
    • Temperature and Heat
    • Heat Energy and Changes of State
    • Earth’s Energy Supply